KB5009543 Roaming Profiles – Windows 10 Support

I’m seeing issues on my sites with users locking windows on login.

After entering the credentials, the GUI changes to show their display name and an forever spinner with: Please wait…”

We left it for over an hour and no timeout, pressing the power button it changed “Off” with another spinner forever and we held the power button and crashed the box.

This first happened yesterday when a new employee logged into an existing machine and it crashed.

After several attempts and the box crashed, we logged in as administrator and noticed that several profile directories were created locally.

(i.e. Users)





We are using folder redirects and the home directory with subs (i.e. app data) was created on the local server

The Profile.V6 folder was also created on the server but is empty since we never logged out (or activated)

After several attempts, we removed KB5009543 and everything worked perfectly?

A second site where an admin without a roaming profile attempted to log in to help and locked out the same.

A third site, we came to a blue screen sold with “User Profile Service Failed Login”, “Remote Procedure Call Failed”

All operating systems are 20H1 32 bit and local servers are 2016 and 2003

Keep studying but if you see something like this you are not alone 😉

Very strange….

mike pisano

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