Keysfan Valentine’s Day Sale: Microsoft Windows OS From $7.43 and Up

Recently, Microsoft announced that it was buying video game company Activision Blizzard for a whopping $69 billion, breaking all previous records. This is the biggest takeover ever by the company and the biggest transaction ever, not only in the gaming industry, but also in technology. Not only does it fill Microsoft’s gaps in games, but it also provides Microsoft with effective help in its meta-universe projects.

This year, Microsoft is launching Microsoft Mesh, allowing customers to create immersive digital copies of their desktops. Some say the world-building game Minecraft, which Microsoft bought in 2015, provides a glimpse into the metaverse. Microsoft hopes valuable gaming communities will help create the worlds inside the Metaverse when it becomes a reality from just a theoretical concept now. Right now we are under the influence of COVID-19, full of hope for the world built from metaverse. Our daily work and home entertainment can be done in another space, technology in a new stage.

Back to reality, although many tech companies have launched metaverse projects, it is still in the early stages of development and it will take a long time to realize all of them. For example, the current problem of telework, we still need to use the computer to do the work, it is even more necessary to have a well configured computer.

Now that Keysfan is Valentine’s Day Sale started, Windows 10 is only $7.43! Microsoft Office 2021 costs just $31.01. The most popular Microsoft software is the lowest price (Windows 11, Office 2019, Office 2016, etc.) Compare the official price and help you save a lot of money! Save up to 62% on Windows OS and MS Office in this sale!

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In addition to running the risk of a severe sanction, the use of pirated licenses or software involves other risks: malfunction after a few days, recurring crashes, incompatible functionalities, corrupted files, Trojan horses which may contain viruses or malware. But that doesn’t happen at Keysfan; we sell regular and legal products. Keysfan obtains permanent digital activation keys at extremely low prices, which allows them to offer them on the site at unbeatable prices. No intermediaries, no physical media support and reduced costs allow them to offer products at low cost and with guaranteed quality.

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