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Microsoft has released a Known Issues Recovery (KIR) update for enterprise customers. The group solves problems with IE mode. After updates in May, users complained that tabs became unresponsive in IE mode. Now Microsoft is offering a solution.

As the ezine reported, there is now a known rollback update that fixes the Edge issues. Microsoft had confirmed that IE mode had stopped working as expected after previous Windows updates. Fixed IE mode tabs not responding when there is a modal dialog on the page. However, this is often necessary for connections to the corporate network and is therefore a major problem for those affected.

Automatic update

The KIR feature allows Microsoft to quickly and reliably fix errors for all users who have enabled the Windows Automatic Update feature, just like a regular emergency update. Microsoft automatically restores PCs through the Restore Known Issues feature. Computers will be restored to their pre-update state and then receive a new patched update. Incidentally, home users are not affected by the issue, as Edge’s IE mode has been enterprise-exclusive since 2019. Microsoft provides information on the issue and the KIR solution in: Windows Release Health Documentation

IE mode tabs in Microsoft Edge may become unresponsive

Fix OS Build 22000.708, KB5014019: After installing KB5014019 and later updates, IE mode tabs in Microsoft Edge may become unresponsive when a website displays a modal dialog. A modal dialog is a form or dialog that asks the user to respond before continuing or interacting with other parts of the web page or application.

Developer’s Note: Sites affected by this issue call window.focus. Workaround: This issue has been resolved with the Known Issues Rollback (KIR). Note that it may take up to 24 hours for the solution to automatically roll out to consumer devices and unmanaged business devices. Restarting your Windows device may allow the solution to be applied to your device more quickly.

Platforms concerned:

  • Client: Windows 11, version 21H2; Windows 10 version 21H2; Windows 10 version 21H1; Windows 10 version 20H2
  • Servers: Windows Server 2022

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