Launch of Opera 88 with the Shopping Corner function

Opera Software released Opera 88 Stable this week. New version of web browser introduces support for horizontal tab scrolling and a new feature what Opera Software calls Shopping Corner.

Shopping Corner is available in four countries – Germany, Poland, the UK and the US – at the time, but Opera Software plans to roll out the feature to other companies in future releases.

The company describes Shopping Corner as a central hub for shopping-related activities. The built-in feature brings price comparison, coupons, trends, news and “best deals” to the Opera community. Although not mentioned specifically, it is almost certain that Opera Software also benefits financially from Shopping Corner.

The Shopping Corner homepage is available from the homepage and sidebar of the browser. The sidebar icon needed to be enabled on our test system before it appeared in the sidebar.

beginning of the shopping area of ​​the opera 88

The Shopping Corner home page displays a search box at the top. Type in the name of a product and you get results right away. Type Windows 11 and you get offers to buy the operating system or devices that run the system.

The product search is only one of the available options. Scroll down a bit and you reach the coupons and promotions sections.

Coupons can be filtered, for example, to only show coupons from sports and travel sites. These work like you would except they work: each coupon shows how much you’ll save when you use it, the discount code itself, a link to the store, and other specifications.

Promotions work the same way, but the main differentiator is that individual items are listed in this section that Opera users can purchase at a discount. There is also a news and trends section. and a list of popular stores.

A click on the settings icon displays options to hide certain sections. If you are not interested in the list of popular shops or news, you can hide them in the preferences.

Shopping Corner does not highlight offers available on websites, even if coupons or promotions are available.

Opera is cooperating with various regional partners, according to the announcement. The price comparator Idealo is the partner in Germany and the United Kingdom, in Poland it is Ceneo, and in the United States it is Amazon.

Polish users can also benefit from integrating the Dify cashback service, according to Opera Software.

Microsoft added the feature to the company’s Edge web browser some time ago. Purchases in Microsoft Edge show whether discount codes are available for the website visited.

Closing words

Shopping Corner aims to improve the shopping experience at Opera, and it’s likely, but never mentioned, that it also generates revenue for the company. The feature feels a bit out of place in its current form, as users have to launch Shopping Corner in the browser to use it. Indicators that coupons or promotions are available would certainly boost usage of the feature in the browser, but that may be planned for a future release.

Now you: will you be using Shopping Corner or would you use a similar feature in your browser of choice?


Launch of Opera 88 with the Shopping Corner function

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Launch of Opera 88 with the Shopping Corner function

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Opera Software released Opera 88 Stable this week. The new version of the web browser introduces horizontal tab scrolling support and a new feature called Shopping Corner by Opera Software.


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