Mac Mini 2018 Random Restarts Became a Mini 2020 Random Restarts Problem – Any Thoughts?

I have been following discussions on this topic for about 2 years with the 2018 Mini and wanted to share a new development, hoping to get some feedback. I’ve been helping a friend with his 2018 Mini since day one. He ordered it as the first week of its release in October 2018. It was fine for about 1.5 years. Then mid 2020 there were the random restarts in the middle of the night. Updating to Mac OS 10.15 in August 2020 seems to have fixed the issue. Lo and behold, about 3 weeks ago random reboots resumed now on Mac OS 11. I had it upgraded to the latest 12.x. This did not solve the problem. I offered to clean install OS 12, but said why not take it to the Apple Store and let them run a diagnostic test. They kept it for 3 nights and let it run. Nothing came back faulty in diagnostic tests – they couldn’t reproduce the random reboots in the 3 days they had it.

So they offered to do a clean install of OS 12.x (my friend had backups so that wasn’t a problem). Or a $210 trade-in credit on a 2020 M1 Mini. He opted for the later. Lo and behold, I was shocked to learn today that it has randomly restarted in the middle of the night twice since Thursday. The M1 Mini. The problem must be one of the devices …. right?

-There is an HP monitor connected via HDMI
– Logitech speakers connected to audio output
-A Mac Ally mouse connected via USB A
-a logitech webcam connected occasionally via USB A
-A Brother printer connected via a USB C adapter
-an external WD drive occasionally connected via a USB C adapter
-an Ethernet cable
-an Apple 2010 wireless keyboard

Is it possible to look at the logs to isolate the problem? What device is causing this?

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Steven L. Nielsen