Mac users can download their own ‘Paint’ version for free and it only works with the trackpad

Paint for Microsoft has always been my go-to procrastination app when I was growing up and didn’t involve downloading games. After switching to a MacBook, nothing gave me that simple satisfaction of a 3 minute doodle Paint provided me with (I guess you can download something like this before, but it’s not the same thing). But I think there’s a new free app that can scratch that same itch – Magic – that lets you doodle with just your trackpad.

It is well known that the trackpad for Mac is so good that some people don’t feel the need to have a separate mouse. Heck, I tend to prefer using the trackpad for the majority of my MacBook use.

Magic, a macOS app created by young developer João Gabriel (one of Apple’s WWDC Swift Student Challenge winners), aims to allow users to draw only on their trackpads. It’s a simple app that has a handful of options: drawing, colors, brush size, opacity, background styles, scale, and “light” drawing.

Once you’ve ‘started drawing’ you should start treating your entire trackpad like your canvas. The location of the trackpad you touch will be equal to the location of your doodle, much like how you would treat the doodle using a pen. You can also change the thickness of the “brush” by pressing harder / more lightly on the trackpad.

To stop drawing, press Command + D, otherwise you will not be able to exit drawing mode. The minimal features and something that just lets you doodle and nothing else gives it that nostalgic feeling that’s familiar to Microsoft’s Paint, but it’s designed to be used with your Mac’s trackpad, which really shows the ability of the trackpad to make more precise lines… you just need to get used to it first.

“Magic lets you make amazing drawings using just your Mac’s trackpad, it’s one of a kind. Using Mac technology, Magic is the coolest and coolest way to express yourself using just touch and creativity, ”Magic wrote.

According to 9to5Mac, the developer said he’s already working on new features for the app, including the ability to add and rearrange multiple layers in a single project. This means that users can work on more complex designs in the near future.

You can download Magic for free from the App Store. It requires a computer running macOS Big Sur, as well as a trackpad.

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