Merico Announces Junior Developer Evangelist Program for Young Technology Leaders

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Merico, a leader in developer technology and open source innovator, today announces the launch of the first Junior Developer Evangelist cohort!

We are excited to accelerate the careers of these talented individuals and support the growth of our burgeoning technology in the spirit of open source. Talent and code have no boundaries in the OSS.

— Maxim Wheatley (head of business and marketing at Merico)

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 19, 2022 / — Merico, the data development company, today announced the launch of its first Junior Developer Evangelist program, a specialized modern internship program for young technology leaders looking for careers – source development and leadership. The program is a relatively unique creation, focused on supporting the growth and evolution of important open source technologies with a focus on content, community, and code.

This program will focus on supporting the growth of DevLake, a leading open source development data platform recently admitted to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) esteemed incubator program. Launched by Merico in December 2021, DevLake has grown rapidly and is now installed and contributed by hundreds of developers every week across the world.

The first Junior Developer Evangelist program went through a competitive application process evaluating candidates for their technical and communication skills, as well as their aspirations and goals in developer technologies and open source.

The program is led by new Merico recruit, Joshua Poddoku (Developer Evangelist), who brings expertise in business technologies and computing and a wealth of experience in open source community development and leadership. Mr. Poddoku will lead the program and its curriculum, including technical writing, community development, public speaking, content creation, and mentoring sessions for key CTOs, maintainers, and business leaders.

The first cohort is composed of a cohort of five members:

> Basit Hasan, second-year computer science student and open source contributor specializing in DevOps and cloud-native technologies.

> Pranshu Raj, a 4th year student pursuing his degree in Business Technlogy from GGSIPU based in New Delhi.

> Prasurjya Borah, an avid developer from Assam, India, is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies at IIT Madras.

> Sanskar Bhushan, open source developer and student at Delhi Technological University in Engineering Physics.

> Shubham Gupta, developer and final year student at Delhi Technological University, studying business technology and engineering physics.

The program will accept applications for the next cohort in early August, welcoming the next group of paid participants seeking careers in open source leadership.

The first cohort of the program will conclude in mid-October 2022, where cohort participants will graduate into extended roles or their next opportunity in the open source technology space.

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