Microsoft releases Windows Autopatch to keep enterprise Windows 10 and Windows 11 installations up to date

Later this year, Microsoft will launch a new service called Windows Autopatch that will help users update their software.

The free service will help enterprise customers get Windows 10 and Windows 11 quality and feature updates, drivers, firmware, and Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise updates. Microsoft is due to launch Windows Autopatch in July, and the company has provided information on how it will work.

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At the moment, the second Tuesday of every month is a big day for updates, known as Patch Tuesday. But with the launch of Windows Autopatch, Microsoft hopes to make the day “just another Tuesday.”

The company notes that Windows Autopatch manages all aspects of deployment groups for Windows 10 and Windows 11 quality and feature updates, drivers, firmware, and Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise updates.

It adds, “Drivers and firmware that are released on Windows Update as automatic will ship as part of Windows Autopatch.”

Writing about the service in a blog post, Microsoft states:

Autopatch, by automating update management, can provide rapid response to changes and confidence around the introduction of new changes, and close gaps in protection and productivity. The value should be felt immediately by IT administrators who won’t have to plan for deployment and sequencing of updates, and in the long term, as the increased bandwidth frees them up to focus on valuable creation. Quality updates should improve device performance and reduce support tickets. Feature updates should provide users with an optimal experience, with increased availability and new tools to create and collaborate.

Windows Autopatch will be offered as a feature of Windows 10/11 Enterprise E3 at no additional cost, Microsoft says in an upcoming service FAQ.

The goal is to simplify the process of updating systems. Microsoft says:

With a focus on ease, security, and efficiency, Windows Autopatch is intended to provide peace of mind for IT administrators. Our engineers are dedicated to optimizing the update process and closing the “gaps” so that enterprise IT professionals can focus their attention elsewhere. The introduction of Autopatch, along with the App Assure promise, will hopefully enable new avenues of value creation and inspiration from admins and users alike.

You can find out more in the blog and FAQ as well as in the following video:

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