Microsoft seems to have changed its mind about removing the Control Panel in Windows 11

Microsoft has been wielding its ax at the Windows Control Panel for some time now, gradually migrating options to the Settings app. It’s not something that has been universally welcomed by Windows 11 users, so a (slight) change of heart will be good news for Control Panel fans.

While there are plenty of settings that now need to be accessed through settings, one control panel option has been given a reprieve. The applet in question is Network Connections (ncpa.cpl).

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In the recently released Windows 11 build 22538, Microsoft introduced many changes and additions, including the arrival of voice control for the touch keyboard. But buried in the release notes, there was also an interesting entry regarding the Control Panel.

In the changelog, Microsoft says:

For those who need it, you can again access ncpa.cpl directly.

Until this version was released, any attempt to open ncpa.cpl resulted in users being redirected to the Advanced network settings section of the Settings app instead.

The company didn’t provide an explanation for this leadership change, but it’s something that will be good news for many people. One of the main reasons many users will be happy is the fact that the Network Connections control panel applets provide access to a wider range of options and settings than the override section of the Settings app.

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Steven L. Nielsen