MochaBin-5G SBC offers 10GbE, WiFi 6, 5G for $ 159 and more (Crowdfunding)

Globalscale Technologies has a follow-up to their low cost ESPRESSOBin SBC based on Marvell Armada 3700LP SoC. The MochaBin-5G SBC is powered by a quad-core Marvell Armada 7040 Cortex-A72 processor and offers 10GbE networking for as low as $ 159, along with optional WiFi 6 and 5G connectivity.

The single board computer is equipped with 16 GB eMMC flash memory, up to 8 GB of DDR4 and numerous high-speed interfaces with multiple Ethernet ports, USB 3.0 ports, M.2 socket for SATA and cellular and a mini PCIe for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

MochaBin-5G Specifications:

  • SoC – Marvell Armada 7040 quad-core Corex-A72 processor @ up to 1.4 GHz
  • System memory – 4 GB or 8 GB DDR4 (soldered)
  • Storage – 16GB eMMC flash, 4MB SPI NOR flash for bootloader, SATA connector, M.2 2280 socket for SATA III SSD
  • Networking
    • 1x 10GbE SFP +, 1x 1GbE SFP (via 88E1512 PHY)
    • 4x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports via Topaz 88E6141 switch
    • 1x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 WAN port (via 88E1512 PHY) with PoE support; Note: multiplexed with 1GbE SFP, so only one can be used at a time
    • Optional 4G or 5G cellular connectivity via M.2 2250 socket and SIM card slot
    • Optional NXP 88Q9098 based Mini PCIe wireless card for 802.11ax WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5
  • USB – 2x USB3.0
  • Extension – MikroBUS 16-pin header for GPS and other extensions and accessories
  • HW Security – Microchip ATECC608B secure element
  • Debugging – 10 pin JTAG header, micro USB port for serial console
  • Miscellaneous – Power button, RTC with CR2032 battery holder, 12V fan header, various LEDs, boot speed and processor selection jumpers
  • Power supply – 12V DC or PoE
  • Dimensions – To be determined

Low cost 10GbE SBC block diagram

The MochaBin-5G card comes with Ubuntu or OpenWrt, the latter being maintained by Sartura who also work on setting up Linux for the board and rely on their own Replica One construction system to provide the OpenWrt image. Another software partner of Globalscale Technologies is CubbitCell is a distributed NAS company, introduced the Cubbit distributed cloud storage solution on Kickstarter about two years ago. Cubbit will ship in a NAS version of the MochaBin-5G card with a 2TB to 6TB NAS grade hard drive.

The development progress of OpenWrt software is publicly visible with a recent commit by Sartura adding Globalscale MOCHAbin to OpenWrt, and which was discussed in a thread in OpenWrt Forums.

MochaBin-5G case
MochaBin-5G case

Globalscale recently launched the Mochabin-5G SBC on Kickstarter with a modest fundraising goal of $ 6,500 which has already been exceeded. There was a super early bird of $ 110 for the 20 coins on the board only with 4GB, but it didn’t last long. The cheapest reward now is the $ 159 “Mochabin Standard Early Bird” with the card with 4GB RAM, 12V power supply, plastic case, and Ubuntu pre-installed. If you prefer to have OpenWrt pre-installed, you’ll need to commit to $ 225 for a “MochaBin Firewall” system that also contains the WiFi 6 mini PCIe card and Bluetooth 5.0. The Cubbit-powered “MochaBin NAS” further adds a 2TB NAS, of which 1TB is usable, for a total of $ 450, while the “MochaBin Ultimate” offers 10GbE, WiFi 6 and 5G connectivity for $ 549. with Ubuntu preloaded. Some terms on Kickstarter are confusing, so there may be some errors in the description. Shipping adds $ 20 to the US, $ 30 to the rest of the world, and backers will have to be patient as the MachoBin-5G SBC or router is expected to start shipping in May / June 2022.

Thanks to Maurer for the tip.

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