New Apple Leak Reveals Powerful Features Of MacBook Pro

Apples MacBook Pro family is at the forefront of the evolution of macOS to ARM-based hardware that offers more power, better battery life, and cooler running computers. The latest leaks highlight the power offered by new laptops.

And his timely news. Anyone looking to upgrade should do their best to wait for these exciting new machines.

The laptops in question are the two “high-end” MacBook Pro machines that are clearly lacking in the current line powered by Apple Silicon. The MacBook Air – even though it outperforms similarly priced Intel and AMD laptops – remains the entry-level laptop and therefore should be seen as the bottom of Apple’s portfolio.

The late 2020 MacBook Pro machines certainly provided more power than the MacBook Air, but they were a direct replacement for the cheaper MacOS laptops. The most expensive 13-inch and 16-inch MacBooks remain, even though they use Intel processors

Many expected them to be replaced at Apple’s Global Developer Conference earlier this month, sadly not. The latest news suggests that the new MacBooks – which are expected to launch the new, more angular design, introduce mini-LED displays, and upgrade the smaller MacBook Pro to a 14-inch display – will arrive at the traditional event in late October. Filipe Espósito reports:

According to Dylan, the company plans to launch new models of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro “in late October or early November.” In May, Dylan corroborated further rumors that the new MacBook Pro would have a whole new look with it. flat edges, reduced bezels and extensive connections, which include an SD card reader, MagSafe and an HDMI port. ”

The name of the processor would be interesting. The obvious successor to last year’s M1 processor would be the M2, but a leap in cardinal numbers would represent substantive changes. Instead, the M1X has been a popular name for an upgraded M1 processor, likely with optional increased RAM, plus additional CPU and GPU cores for more work-intensive work than high-end Pro laptops should. carry out.

But the main takeaway from the latest information is the release date. The extra performance, new design and modifications that will have been sent back to Cupertino from the first generation Mac M1s will only be available on these new machines. And their release is only in a few months.

If you’re looking for a new MacBook Pro with as much power as it gets, with the latest updates and a real new design, ignore the various offerings for the M1 machines. Something better is just around the corner.

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