North Durban women head to the islands for fundraising adventures

TWELVE women from various parts of North Durban embark on a long-awaited journey to raise funds for Celebrate Life SA’s Ubuntu Bakery Project.

Their goal is to reach R800,000 in cash by kayaking around Mauritius in just 11 days.

This fundraiser was supposed to take place two years ago, but the Covid-19 pandemic made its appearance.

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Since then, they have managed to raise an exceptional amount of R620,000, setting up 13 Ubuntu micro-bakeries across the country and empowering 52 women as new bakers.

“Our Ubuntu Micro Bakery project has been running since 2017. During this time, Celebrate Life SA has managed to place approximately 170 wood-fired ovens in rural communities across the country. Our model is simple.

Donations and funds are used to purchase the specially designed ovens, which we place in communities in need after a rigorous selection process conducted in conjunction with community leaders,” said Armstrong.

“Once the community is chosen, our team implements a training program with selected women bakers, normally four or five, and spends three intensive days teaching them basic economic and business principles, and how to bake a ton of delicious foods like pizza, snowballs, muffins and bread,” she added.

Cherry Armstrong, founder of Celebrate Life SA, will embark on a kayaking trip to Mauritius with a group of women to raise funds for the organization.

A quick calculation shows that 170 of Celebrate Life SA’s Ubuntu micro-bakeries feed thousands of people every day.

“If you calculate each loaf as 12 slices of bread, or six sandwiches, and our ovens produce about 40 loaves a day. Then each oven can make about 240 sandwiches per day. Nationwide, that’s 40,800 sandwiches a day. We literally help feed thousands of people in the poorest communities in South Africa,” said Armstrong.

To donate to Celebrate Life SA, visit for more information. Companies can use their CSR or CSI funding to support Celebrate Life SA, which will provide tax certificates and B-BBEE points.

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