Oracle’s Java loses to Amazon

While it held around three-quarters of the Java market in 2022, its share has now fallen to just over a third. During the same period, Amazon grew from a 2% share to 22%.

These numbers come from app monitoring company New Relic. New Relic’s Data 2022 State of the Java Ecosystem Report comes from applications reported to New Relic in January 2022 and comparisons have been made with its first such report made in March 2020.

Sun made Java free and open source in 2006 and when Oracle, the world’s largest database company, acquired Sun in 2010 and took over the “official” Java distribution, there were other computer Java distributions, including those of Eclipse IBM, RedHat and Ubuntu.

Despite a move to Open JDK, many companies have chosen to stick with Oracle – but that’s obviously starting to change. Although the graph below shows that Oracle still holds the largest share of the market, its share has more than halved. In 2020, Oracle held “about 75% of the Java market”, it now holds less than 35%.

Amazon is in second place according to New Relic figures, after a sharp rise in its share since the release of Java 17 in November 2021 when its share was almost identical to that of Eclipse Adoptium.newrelic

In his recent look at Where’s Java Going In 2022? based on JRebel’s findings, Nikos Vaggalis reported that Oracle’s market share fell from 48% in 2020 to 36% at the start of 2022. Due to the very different nature of the sample, the second most big share was “Generic OpenJDK”W with 27% then AdoptOpenJDK/Adoptium in third position with 16%. Amazon Coretto, in 4th place was only 7%, just ahead of Azul Zulu in 5th place at 6%.

When it comes to Java versions, the two reports also disagree. While New Relic reports that more than 48% of applications are now using Java 11 in production (compared to 11.11% in 2020) and slightly ahead of Java 8 which was used by 46.45%. JRebel, on the other hand, showed that the share of Java 8 (37%) still exceeded that of Java 11 (29%).

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New Relic – 2022 State of the Java Ecosystem Report

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