Organizing Telegram on Windows 11 is a breeze after latest app update

Windows 11 has a snap assist feature that lets you display windows in a variety of layouts. This improves the snapping capabilities of Windows 10 and makes it easier to manage where windows are on your screen and how they are displayed. Now the Telegram desktop app supports capturing on Windows 11.

The change comes with Telegram version 3.4.8, which recently rolled out to the Microsoft Store. The update also includes the usual range of bug fixes. Moreover, the latest version of Telegram for Windows supports animated reactions.

Here is the complete changelog for Telegram version 3.4.8:

  • Beautifully animated reactions.
  • Support for Instant Layouts on Windows 11.
  • Bug fixes and two bowls of miso soup.

Unfortunately, the two bowls of miso soup mentioned in the changelog seem to be a joke. We downloaded the latest version of Telegram and received no soup.

Snap assist lets you easily organize apps and windows.Source: Windows Central

To use Snap assist on Windows 11, you need to make sure the feature is enabled. After that, you can see your snapping options by hovering your cursor over the Maximize button of any supported app.

We have a complete guide on using the Snap assistant on Windows 11, which includes steps on how to customize the feature and how to use Snap groups.

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Telegram is a popular messaging and communication app available on all major platforms. Its latest update adds support for Instant Layouts on Windows 11.

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