Realtek HD audio manager does not work or display on Windows 11/10

Realtek HD audio driver is a commonly used audio driver in Windows. Some users report that the Realtek HD Audio Manager does not work or display in Windows 11/10. If you are having this problem, this article will help you.

Realtek HD audio driver helps us to play audio on our Windows PC. Imagine that you are playing an audio clip and you cannot hear anything. The speakers work well, the sound works well. We are trying to fix it by increasing or decreasing the volume and troubleshooting the Realtek audio driver. What if you cannot find the Realtek HD audio driver in Device Manager? How can you fix it? Let’s see the ways to fix the problem.

Realtek HD Audio Manager does not appear in Device Manager

If Realtek HD Audio Manager is not working, showing, or missing from Device Manager on Windows 11 or Windows 10, you may be able to resolve the issue using the following methods.

  1. Update Realtek HD Audio Driver
  2. Show hidden devices
  3. Add legacy hardware
  4. Reinstall the drivers
  5. Reset BIOS to Default

Let’s go into the details of each method.

1]Update Realtek HD audio driver

Update Realtek Driver

If Realtek HD Audio Manager is not working on your PC, it could be due to outdated drivers or missing files. The first fix you should try is to update Realtek HD audio drivers in Device Manager. Also check for Windows updates in the Settings app using which we can update the drivers automatically.

2]Show hidden devices

show windows of hidden devices

If you do not see Realtek HD Audio Manager, it is possible that Realtek HD Audio Manager or its associated devices are mistakenly hidden. You need to select the option to show hidden devices in Device Manager. The hidden devices will be visible and you can find the Realtek HD audio manager there.

3]Add legacy hardware

If Realtek HD Audio Manager is missing in Device Manager, you can fix it using Add Legacy Hardware feature. Open Device Manager on your PC and select Sound, video and game controllers. Then click on action in the menu bar and select Add legacy hardware.

Reinstall Realtek10

Then follow the on-screen instructions and select Find and install hardware automatically (recommended) and follow the steps and install the device manually.

Reinstall Realtek11

This may solve the problem you are having with Realtek HD Audio Manager.

4]Reinstall the drivers

If the issue is still not resolved, you need to uninstall the Realtek HD audio driver and reinstall it manually to resolve the issue. This will fix the problem and you can easily play audio using Realtek HD audio devices.

5]Reset BIOS to Default

Sometimes the changes you make or occur in BIOS settings can affect the devices you use on your PC. The only way to resolve issues that occur on this instance is to reset the BIOS to default. After that, you will be able to use Realtek HD Audio Manager without any problem.

Why is my Realtek not showing up in Device Manager?

There can be many reasons why Realtek devices are not showing up in Device Manager. Devices may be hidden, drivers are out of date or corrupt, or some BIOS settings affect them. You can fix the problem easily by using the above methods.

Realtek HD Audio Manager “No driver has been supported in this driver package” issue

When you see the “No drivers have been supported in this driver package”When trying to use Realtek HD audio manager, you need to update the drivers or reinstall them if necessary to install the correct drivers for your PC.

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Realtek HD audio manager is not working or not showing up

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