Research shows Linux is more secure and faster than Apple’s MacOS and Microsoft’s Windows

Linux has been the underdog when it comes to popular operating system choices, but new research suggests the platform outperforms Apple’s macOS and Microsoft’s Windows in two areas, security and speed.

Linux fixes security patches faster than Apple and Microsoft

According to the story of ScreenRant, platform security is starting to become a more pressing concern for users. At the moment, macOS and Windows are often considered safer than Linux due to multiple security patches and updates.

Despite how most people view Linux when it comes to security, the latest report suggests that Linux might actually be more secure than the two most popular companies. The growth of malware has become a major issue when it comes to operating platforms as well as other software.

The increase in cyberattacks against organizations, businesses and individuals

Targeted hacks also began to become a major problem for “government agencies, politicians, journalists and civil rights activists”. Cybercriminals also target ordinary citizens by pressuring software vendors to upgrade and patch security vulnerabilities as quickly as possible.

Over the past few years, a host vulnerability has been discovered in Linux, leading to speculation that the platform is less secure than others. It turns out, however, that this is not entirely true.

How Fast Does Linux Fix Its Security Patches

from google Project Zero The team’s new research highlights that Linux developers are actually fixing security bugs faster than their competitors. Interestingly, this means they fix security bugs faster than even Google for Chrome OS and Android.

In order to find out how quickly security vulnerabilities were fixed, researchers looked at bugs that occurred in January 2019 and December 2021. The results showed that, on average, open source programmers were able to fix the problem” in just 25 days”. “

How fast are Apple and Microsoft taking to fix their security patches

Compared to Apple, the Cupertino giant took around 69 days to fix security flaws found in macOS, while Microsoft took up to 83 days to fix some security vulnerabilities found in Windows.

Meanwhile, Google and Mozilla took 44 days and 46 days respectively to fix the bugs. Oracle, on the other hand, took the longest with an average of 109 days for each bug to be fixed.

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Oracle data was based on a smaller sample

To be fair, Oracle’s data, however, was based on a “small sample of just seven bugs”. Additionally, the study also showed calculations regarding the time it took for developers to fix some vulnerabilities found on mobile operating systems.

Apple’s iOS received 76 bug reports and Apple was able to fix them in just 70 days on average.

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