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Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary has exclusively launched a special app that allows listeners to take a wildlife tour with the five lions that were rescued from Ukraine in 2019. Click below to view and subscribe.

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CONTEXT: Good Morning Angels got involved in the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary for the first time in November 2019, with the relocation of five lion cubs, survivors of captivity in appalling conditions in Ukraine. The four lionesses and one male lion, all 15 to 16 months old, were rescued in Ukraine by private breeders and roadside zoos and were due to be repatriated to their new home in South Africa before winter. Our friends at Mazda SA helped with the funding to transport the lions to South Africa and then transport them from OR Tambo International by road to Ubuntu in the North West Province.

A year ago, Ubuntu reached out to Good Morning Angels for help moving the Ubuntu Sanctuary from the northwest to their new permanent home in the Western Cape.

With the help of many angels who came forward, including De Goede Finance Universe, Uniwisp Fibre, the Lions Foundation, Forum Sekuriteit, Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic, MVW and Vet Script, the epic relocation of 16 lions and two tigers from Ubuntu was possible. On May 23 and 24, 2021, the felines made their last journey of 1,500 km by road, to finally reach their eternal home. Pride of Ukraine 5 – Sahara, Maya, Mia, Macy and Mufasa, were officially renamed the Jacaranda Angels when they moved into their new compound.

NOW: The Ubuntu family has grown to 18 predators: 16 lions and two tigers. COVID-19 quickly ended Ubuntu’s main source of income: international volunteers who traveled to South Africa to work at Ubuntu. As a non-profit, non-commercial sanctuary, Ubuntu has had to adapt quickly – feeding and caring for the needs of so many predators is extremely expensive.

“The majority of our animals have been rescued from people and places where they have been abused and that’s why we don’t want to open up to day visitors who would make the animals look like they’re back. in the zoo or circus where they come from,” says Lukas Swart of Ubuntu.

To overcome the lack of revenue, Ubuntu was presented with a new plan by a regular donor and supporter: an application to view lions in real time.

Ubuntu app

The Ubuntu application goes live today and is only available on our website! The app gives subscribers live, real-time viewing of Jacaranda Angels pride, as well as other Ubuntu predators via cameras strategically placed around the enclosures.


Membership costs R100 per month, with all charges for animal care. The first 1,000 Jacaranda FM listeners to subscribe will be able to do so for just R50 – that’s half the usual price. Ubuntu hopes to get at least 5,000 subscribers, as this will fully fund the needs of their big cats. Any funds raised beyond what Ubuntu needs for its animals will be redistributed to other conservation and betterment causes in their community.

The 50% discount code for Jacaranda FM audience at checkout is: jacaranda5

REQUEST: Lukas Swart on behalf of Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary.

ANGEL: Instead of handing out corporate gifts, Jacaranda FM will be donating to different causes this year on behalf of our valued customers. One such customer is We Buy Bakkies, who requested that the donation made in their name go to a conservation effort.

SPONSORSHIP: On behalf of We Buy Bakkies, Jacaranda FM will donate R20,000 to the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary.

ANGEL 2: Riaan van Wyk, on behalf of We Buy Bakkies.

SPONSORSHIP: We Buy Bakkies will donate an additional R10,000 to Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary to take care of their predators.


Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary is pleased to once again partner with Jacaranda FM. Covid was not kind to people or animals and we learned a lot including how to survive, lessons that will serve us well in the future.

Jacaranda listeners will remember that a year ago this month we moved our animals from Groot Marico to the Western Cape, thanks again for all the support. Like I said Covid taught us a lot and survival was key. We are very grateful to our loyal supporters who carried us through these difficult times. Feeding and caring for 18 predators has a fairly high cost. Towards the end of 2021, when we were still unsure when covid would end, we were approached by one of our regular donors who suggested a funding model via an online phone application that could be transmitted around the world whole so subscribers can see the big cats. They offered to build the app and provide all the camera hardware and software…. we have reviewed and accepted the proposal. Once the technical issues were resolved, the installation started in December and we are now ready to launch it. We will launch it exclusively through Jacaranda to our local supporters, followed by a launch to our international support base. The phone app will be available for all Android and iPhone users.

UWS is a not-for-profit corporation and we rely solely on donations as part of our revenue. The majority of our animals have been rescued from people and places where they have been abused and that is why we do not want to open up to day visitors who would make the animals feel like they are back in the zoo or circus they came from. Before Covid 90% of our income came from overseas volunteers staying as volunteers on the farm and donating accordingly, this came to a very sudden halt in March 2020 and although most restrictions have been lifted we feel that we do not we will only be able to operate at the same level as before Covid, by 2023. The whole phone app model encompasses available technology and would allow people to log in anywhere in the world to see in real time what what are animals in Ubuntu Faire. If people subscribe to the app, it would give UWS a guaranteed revenue stream ensuring we could maintain our high level of predator care. The static cameras are just the start, as we would soon be linking the system to mobile cameras which could also share with subscribers what is happening elsewhere on the farm and our cooperations with other organisations.

We always strive to live the true spirit of Ubuntu – “I am because we are”. Ubuntu does not retain any funding received. Everything goes towards the care of our predators, because they are our only priority. There are so many people doing a lot of good in their communities when it comes to people and animals, but those people can do so much better if they could have access to a bigger platform. The plight of people and animals is getting worse and thankfully many people are coming forward to help despite limited time and funding. We find that these people with limited resources are always the ones who won’t give up easily. At Ubuntu, we join these small community projects by first allowing them access to our platform to get a larger audience and second, we try to help financially where we can. Just recently we partnered with a small penguin and seabird sanctuary and another where individuals travel weekly to township/less privileged areas to care for cats and dogs. By supporting us in this initiative, people are also supporting these other smaller community projects. Our primary goal in all of our projects is to focus on our youth with a strong emphasis on conservation and education. UWS has adopted a small agricultural school in our area which is under threat of closure, our first goal is to keep the school open but also to start facilities for a preschool and increase the number of learners, an amazing project to part of.

Our goal is to reach 5,000 subscribers as soon as possible, this is the target set by our app developers to be able to level up and also add more cameras with more features for subscriber enjoyment. We are able to allow the first 1,000 Jacaranda listeners to sign up for a one month subscription of R50.

Everyone’s situation is different and many people want to help but cannot for various reasons. This gives you the opportunity to become part of the UWS in a very special way.

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