Skype keeps crashing on Windows 11? Here is what to do


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  • Despite its widespread use, Skype encounters a number of difficulties that can cause the application to crash unexpectedly.
  • A faulty Windows update is one of the most common causes for it to stop working properly.
  • Running the Windows troubleshooter will let you know where the exact error is occurring.

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No introduction is needed for Skype, which is one of the most popular video conferencing apps available and comes preinstalled on all Windows systems.

Skype can be accessed from a computer, phone or tablet. It is completely free to use and fairly simple to install. However, it has its advantages and disadvantages just like any other application.

People all over the world are using it to stay connected and make video chats at a faster rate than ever before, but lately it seems Skype has crashed unexpectedly for many of its users.

When you are in the middle of an urgent call, this problem becomes even more serious, but don’t worry, we have put together a list of solutions you can follow to fix Skype and get it back on. Let us first explain the causes of app crashes before moving on to the fixes themselves.

Why do apps crash on Windows 11?

A large number of customers have reported frequent crashes when trying to use the Microsoft Skype app as well as other communication apps, keyboards, settings, or other popular apps which made it difficult to operate. from the computer.
troubleshooting-scan-option Windows 11 skype crash

Applications developed by Microsoft, such as Snipping Tool or Skype, are susceptible to crash. Especially for Skype, which has been updated for Windows 11 with a new look and a new approach, simply collapses after Microsoft’s digital certificate expires.

A flaw associated with an expired digital certificate appears to be at the root of the problem. Therefore, any software that relies on this unknown digital certificate may crash.

In addition to compatibility issues, corrupted data, and potentially harmful software that has been downloaded, there are several other reasons Skype crashes frequently.

While there is no official patch available at this time, Microsoft has validated user reports in an update to the Feedback Hub, noting that they are aware of an issue with Windows 11 and s. ‘will endeavor to resolve it.

It’s always a good idea to visit the Skype Blogs page for additional information on bugs, new features, and potential fixes to unknown errors.

What can I do if Skype keeps crashing on Windows 11?

1. Reset the application

  1. press the the Windows key + I to open the Settings window and click applications followed by Apps and Features.
    apps-apps-and-features Windows 11 skype crash
  2. Once inside the Apps and Features window, find the Skype app by typing it in the search bar and clicking on the three-dot menu, followed by Advanced options.
    skype-three point windows 11 skype crash
  3. Scroll down until you find the Reset heading, then click the Reset button.
    reset-app windows 11 skype crash

When you reset the Skype app, you will lose all data previously stored in the program. Therefore, we recommend that you create a backup of all important data before you start the process of resetting your device.

2. Run the Windows troubleshooter

  1. press the the Windows key + I to open the Settings the application and go to System in the left panel followed by Repair on the right side.
    Windows 11 skype crash troubleshooting menu
  2. Once inside the Repair menu, click on the Other convenience stores option.
    other-troubleshooters-option windows 11 skype crash
  3. Now scroll down until you meet the Windows Store apps convenience store and click To run next to that.
    windows-store-app-run windows 11 skype crash

After the troubleshooter finishes checking for errors, it will show you the exact bug that occurred and how to fix it. Make sure to follow the displayed instructions step by step.

3. Install the Media Feature Pack for Windows 11 N

  1. press the the Windows key + I to open the Settings the application and go to applications in the left panel followed by Optional features on the right side.
    apps-optional-features Windows 11 skype crash
  2. Now click on See features next to the Add optional functionality option.
    view-feature-optional windows 11 skype crash
  3. To research Multimedia Feature Pack in the search bar, select it and click on Next, followed by To install.
    media-feature-pack Windows 11 skype crash

Note that the feature is only available for Windows 11 N version, as other versions have already installed it by default along with other media apps.

4. Reinstall Skype

  1. press the the Windows key + I to open the Settings window and click applications followed by Apps and Features.apps-apps-and-features Windows 11 skype crash
  2. Once inside the Apps and Features window, find the Skype app by typing it in the search bar and clicking on the three-dot menu, followed by the Uninstall button.
    uninstall-skype windows 11 skype crash

Now go back to your browser and find the Skype app, then download it again and follow the instructions presented to you.

Is Microsoft Teams better than Skype?

Essentially identical to Skype for Business Online, Microsoft Teams adds a number of new and improved features to make organizations more collaborative and productive.
install-teams windows 11 skype crash

Microsoft has invested significant resources in making sure Teams is on par with Skype for Business Online. The app provides the same video and chat functionality as before, but goes above and beyond by facilitating more effective group interactions, including elements of social networking.

Users can receive notifications, mentions, and comments, as well as incorporate rich media content, GIFs, and emojis into their chats. They can also send messages to other users.

In addition, the tight integration with Office 365 programs like Word, Excel, and Yammer is another big advantage Teams has over Skype for Business Online.

As a result, users can quickly access the files, people, and applications they need to do the work in their groups efficiently. This strong working relationship streamlines procedures and saves staff time.

If you use Skype, it can be difficult to find the information you are looking for because the service lacks sophisticated archiving or search options. Microsoft Teams provides sophisticated search capabilities, persistent chats, and bookmarks to make life easier for team members and admins.

For more information and details on how Teams compared to Skype, see our article with a full comparison between the two compared to Windows 11.

Alternatively, if you want to know what other features have been replaced or forgotten altogether, take a look at our article on apps removed by Microsoft in Windows 11.

And finally, to round out your expertise on the operating system, you’ll want to read what the performance differences are between Windows 10 and Windows 11 as well as what are the best features of the latter.

Let us know in the comments section below which solution is best for you and whether you’re going to switch to Microsoft Teams or stay with Skype. Thanks for reading!

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