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I’ve asked this question before, I think in Networking, but maybe because I didn’t describe it adequately, I never got a really satisfying answer.

Dell Desktop PC: XPS 8700, Core i7 gen 4 processor (4 cores, 8 threads at 3.6 GHz), 16 GB RAM, “1 TB” hard drive, Win 10 Pro Version 21H1, Build 19043.1202

Dell Laptop: Inspiron 15R 5537, Core i7 gen 4 mobile processor (2 cores, 4 threads at 1.8 GHz), 12 GB of RAM, “1 TB” hard drive, Win 10 Home Version 20H2, Build 19042.1202 (both build numbers after today’s update described below)

Connected to home Wi-Fi, with smartphone and printer, but that’s probably irrelevant to my question.

Question: Why is downloading / installing system updates eg CU and / or CU “Preview” updates taking so long? Today I installed the “optional” CU preview for both systems, starting the laptop first, then the desktop 5 minutes later. To answer the obvious question, I have a slow internet connection. I measured it with WiFiman while downloading – it was around 1.0 Mbps, which is usual here in the late afternoon. The desk took 2 hours flat for the whole process; the laptop about ten minutes longer. What drives me crazy is seeing it finish downloading, then just sitting there for half an hour or more, seemingly doing nothing (it says “100% Download”, and after a while ” Install at 0% “, then after a LONG time the install goes to 20% and stays there for about half an hour, then goes slowly to the end. This time, unlike any previous occasion, the percentage “Install” did NOT drop back to 20% and started over, but instead it went straight to “Restart” – so today was by far the the fastest I have never known. Always exasperatingly slow. Nothing else was happening, at least not on my part, during all of this. Perhaps the most infuriating feature is that the computer will sit there for half an hour or more, along with the hard drive. continuously, but without ALL progress on download or install percentage displays.

I should add that the last time this happened, about two weeks ago, I used Task Manager to see what all this hard drive activity was like. The most dominant thing happening there (it fluctuates from second to second, but the hard drives of both computers continuously during this whole process) was the MS Edge installer – which I wasn’t using, but maybe it needed updating? In any case, he monopolized the desktop hard drive pretty well for most of the 3+ hours on this occasion.

I don’t think the slow internet is the whole issue here – computers spend most of their time, while supposedly downloading or installing software, showing no progress on percentage scales – but with the hard drive fully).

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