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Wylde Flowers is the newest addition to Apple Arcade, offering a comfortable farm life simulator experience with strong social messaging. Must play for young gamers on iPhone.

Apple Arcade offers some of the highest quality games for iPhone, iPad and Mac users. With Sayonara Wild Hearts still being one of Arcade’s main draws, there’s a new title from Studio Drydock that will pamper fans of SIMS and multiple mobile farming simulators. Wylde Flowers is a unique take on a farming simulator that focuses on building relationships with an entire town and managing some farming at the same time.

Wylde Flowers is available for Apple Arcade members for free on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices. If you’ve been waiting for a reason to subscribe to Apple Arcade, this game gives you a good one to try. And if you have kids, now you have a game for them to have fun and learn crucial social messages on their iPads or Macs.

Note: We tried the game on an iPhone 13 Pro Max as part of a preview beta. Your experience may vary.

History of Wylde Flowers

You play as Tara, a young girl who arrives on a quaint little island called Fairhaven. The game first lets you settle in with Tara’s grandmother, before getting used to Fairhaven’s small but cheerful population. However, you’ll soon learn that not everyone is good here, so you need to work with most individuals on the island to progress. In the meantime, there’s farming to do, as you have to help Tara’s grandmother with her farm produce.

Wylde Flowers (HT Tech)

Additionally, Tara also finds out that she is a witch, like her grandmother. Therefore, there are some who fly on a broom, make magic potion and other magic tricks. However, Fairhaven does not openly accept witches and it is Tara’s job to make change happen.

Essentially, Wylde Flowers wants to talk about serious problems in society, such as discrimination based on gender, ethnicity and origins. However, there’s never any preaching “in front of” the topic, as the clever writing presents everything in a cheerful way – writing that certainly grabs your attention but doesn’t force you to feel guilty. For example, the Pride flag atop the town hall is a subtle yet powerful way to suggest the theme of the game. You’re also going to see several characters with different skin colors.

Helping this story are the fun dialogues which certainly make Tara and most of Fairhaven easier to understand instead of being too cartoonish.

Game Wylde Flower

Wild flowers

Wylde Flowers (HT Tech)

Wylde Flowers doesn’t feel that different playing than “The SIMS” on mobile. The core gameplay requires you to move Tara around the map with joystick-style controls. You will witness many button presses to interact with a character or start a mission. Character movement is fairly easy, especially with Tara’s ability to jump over fences and even walk through certain objects – an important control element for a mobile game. Tara is also able to collect food for her farming duties, even tending to crops.

Unfortunately, despite attempting to simulate an open-world environment, most of the map is available in segments. This takes away the continuity, given that Fairhaven isn’t such a big map. Also, I would have liked directional pointers to the destination, since opening the small map each time to navigate seems like an unnecessary extra step.

Wild flowers

Wylde Flowers (HT Tech)

The graphical quality resembles that of the SIMS, with more cartoonish character designs and simpler movements. It looks cute, but given that iPhones, iPads, and Macs from a few years ago are able to handle better graphics, I wish I could have seen better textures and lighting. Nevertheless, the theme is more likely to appeal to children and young learners.

Note that you can have multiple game saves on a single device. There is no multiplayer option available.


Wylde Flowers on Apple Arcade is a cute and fun game for peace-seeking children and adults to have a good time dealing with exciting concepts like magic and farming. At the same time, parents can rest assured that the game will do its part to teach society’s crucial issues regarding prejudice. The relaxed game pace forces you to spend more time doing activities around the map. Therefore, it is more suitable for those who are looking for a comfortable narrative game on their iPhone or iPad.

If you have an Apple Arcade subscription, you should give it a try, regardless of your age group. Those who want to try it can spend Rs. 99 per month, or get Arcade as part of Apple One membership, from Rs. 195 per month.

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Wild flowers


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  • Smart writing
  • Great concept


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    iOS, iPadOS, macOS

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