“The Cuphead Show! Sneak Peek introduces Wayne Brady as King of the Dice

Netflix has unveiled a preview of the highly anticipated The Cuphead Show! with King Dice by Wayne Brady, “the right hand of the devil”.

Cuphead Show Wayne Brady King Dice Netflix

The long awaited The Cuphead Show! finally has a preview of Netflix. In the clip, fans can see the infamous King Dice, who is often dubbed “the devil’s right hand,” so expect to see him do things that bolster his reputation.

Cup head is a 2D side-scrolling video game that looks like the classic Mega man video games. Players must cross a 2D plane while connecting their shots at enemies, bosses and other objects that are part of the game world. The game is known for its easy to learn but very difficult to master gameplay. is where the Mega man comparisons come.

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The game also has a two-player co-op where the second player plays Cuphead’s brother Mugman, who is very similar in design but with a blue stripe serving as a unique distinction from his brother. The Cuphead Show! will be a character-driven comedy following the Cuphead and Mugman brothers. In the clip, viewers don’t see this aspect of the character’s story, but they do see an antagonist interacting with an unfortunate audience member, teasing what’s to come. Voiced by Wayne Brady, the antagonist King Dice appears to be in the vein of classic animated characters from the golden age of animation, showing that The Cuphead Show! will follow the tradition of video games to pay homage to this era of cartoons.

The story of the game follows the brothers trying to fight for their souls within a strict time frame after playing with the devil (against their elder brother’s will). Wait The Cuphead Show! present many misadventures in the same vein as the history of the video game, which will make it a very compelling series. The Brothers’ ability to shoot only came after their bet with the real evil, so it’s unclear whether this show will give the siblings the same power or if they will be given abilities that we don’t. not seen in games.

Cup head was a very popular game initially released in 2017 that has sold over three million copies. It was released on multiple consoles and achieved critical and commercial success. Hopefully these units translate to the audience for the Netflix show.

In the case where The Cuphead Show! done well, expect to see more video game spinoffs coming to streaming platforms. The witcher did well, given that it has attracted new fans as well as fans of the video game and books. Many are patiently awaiting the end of the long history of trashy video game adaptations.

The Cuphead Show! will be available in 2021 on Netflix.

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