The iPod is not dead (at least in For All Mankind season 3)

Apple TV+ was always going to be a good place for Apple to put its products and the third season of For All Mankind definitely pulls it off. Now the show has given us a glimpse of an iPod as well as a somewhat disturbing location on macOS Dock.

Let’s start with the iPod with a photo showing music playing through its headphone jack. This actually means that the alternate timeline of For All Mankind actually got the iPod before us – the music box came out in 2001 here, but For All Mankind season 3 is set in the 1990s. Lucky you!

Next, a screenshot shows Ed Baldwin standing with a bank of screens in the background, but those paying close attention will have spotted what looks like macOS Monterey running on one. machines – with the Dock at the bottom.

Now, Dock placement is a controversial issue for many Mac users and that’s an argument for another time. But also worth noting is the Apple TV app which also sits in this dock alongside the Podcasts, App Store and Apple Music icons. That iPod was one thing, but it looks like the For All Mankind timeline is a good twenty years ahead of us in terms of streaming services.

What a time to live!

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