To resolve this issue, Apple suggests that you update iTunes manually.

Question: I have a Mac. Recently I updated my computer to the latest Mac OS (Mojave), and since then I can’t access my iTunes account.

As a result, I have reverted to the previous version of the operating system (Catalina). Now I can access iTunes, but I also have a computer that won’t allow me to update the OS again and constantly reminds me to do so.

How can I fix this, or will I eventually have to give in, update, and lose my iTunes account?

– Laura G., Vero Beach

A: According to the Apple Support Forums, if you’ve updated to Mojave but can’t access or update iTunes at the same time, it’s usually due to a bug in the Mojave upgrade. Simply put, while the operating system was updated, iTunes didn’t, and because of that, they’re basically on two different wavelengths, preventing your connection from breaking. register with iTunes and prevent you from accessing the account.

To resolve this issue, Apple suggests that you manually update iTunes to match your version to the version that matches the new operating system, and update to Mojave again in the process. This can be done via the following steps:

Open the Apple menu, then click on “system preferences”, then “software update”. Click on the “update (s)” if available, which will launch them, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Then restart the machine and try to connect to iTunes again – it should work now.

If “software update” does not show an available update or allow you to update, update manually via the steps found at this URL:

If these steps don’t work, try the steps found at this URL on the “Apple Support Forum” and see if one or more of the solutions found resolve the issue:

If not, it may be best to contact “Apple Support” directly for further assistance. They can be reached via the information found at this URL:

Note: In the meantime, you can tell the machine to stop prompting you to update to Mojave by turning off update notifications in your “system preferences”. This can be done via the steps found at this URL:

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