Top 10 Linux Articles: February 2022

Last month, Linux users learned about malware-related security issues, among other developments. Here is a roundup of Linux articles published in February 2022.

1. Linux malware on the rise

A VMware report has shed light on malware attacks targeting Linux-based systems. This Dark Reading article examines the growing threat, as well as how attackers are using adversarial simulation software Cobalt Strike.

2. Torvalds admits he’s a bit worried about the next version of Linux

Tech Radar reported Linux creator Linus Torvalds’ concerns about the pace of the 5.7 development cycle.

3. Linus Torvalds prepares to move the Linux kernel to modern C

Torvalds chose to move Linux from the 1984 version of the C language to the 2011 C11 standard. This ZDNet article explains why.

4. How to Mitigate PwnKit Vulnerability

The new stack provided steps to protect Linux distributions from the PwnKit vulnerability, which the Qualys research team made public in January.

5. Linux Developers Fix Security Flaws Faster Than Anyone, Says Google Project Zero

Google’s research team found that open-source developers were fixing Linux security issues much faster than competitors, ZDNet said.

6. What is Log4Shell and how to protect your Linux system against it

Make Tech Easier discusses the zero-day vulnerability of Log4Shell, how to analyze it on servers, and how to fix it.

7. 7 areas where Linux is easier than Windows

MakeUsOf advocates using Linux instead of Windows or Mac OS. This article highlights several areas where Linux outperforms the most popular operating systems.

8. Ubuntu vs Arch: Which Linux Distribution is Better?

It’s FOSS that weighs the pros and cons of Ubuntu and Arch Linux, considering factors like installation, application ecosystems, and community support.

9. Tiny Core Linux: the smallest Linux distribution ever made

This MakeUsOf article offers an overview of the lightest Linux distributions available.

ten. The Best Linux Distros for Older Laptops

Linux Stans shows how lightweight Linux distros can breathe new life into an old laptop.

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