Top 3 Free LAN Messenger Downloads For Windows 11/10

If you are in your workplace or in your office environment and want a source of free communication in your office environment, so you can keep in touch with all your staff and have a convention to connect with in your office , or probably have a couple Quick Chats With your staff without an internet connection, you need to keep searching for the top 3 LAN (Regional Region Community) messengers that will allow you to do this.

Free LAN Messengers for Windows 11/10

LAN messengers are applications or utilities that allow you to chat in a community network without an Internet connection, but a wired local community is essential. There may be a number of completely free LAN Messenger available for Windows 10/8/7, but these 3 are some of the best in my opinion.

1. LAN Mail

It is another free and open cross-platform fast messaging software for conversation around location network. Doesn’t need to have a server.

Some of its functions are:

  • Quick Messaging
  • information folder
  • Private and group messaging
  • file transfer
  • Broadcast concept.

Is available in this article Download.

2. Doodles

Squiggle is a free and open source LAN chat application. Squiggle also works in peer-to-peer mode and therefore does not need a server. The software is quite amazing and comes with the following features:

  • Serverless peer-to-peer LAN chat
  • Does not require configuration
  • talk team
  • talk about broadcasting
  • personal chat
  • Bridge option to join two LANs using subnets or a WAN.
  • Localized, i.e. translated, shopper readily available in German, French, Arabic and Chinese
  • file transfer
  • Spell checker, buzzer, emoticons, audio alerts, tray popups
  • Get in touch with groups, view information, view graph, chat instructions, message aliases
  • Chat history, position historysvg%3E

Get it below at

3. Tonic

Tonic helps you organize your simple chats in your office environment using LAN. It is quite a valuable plan with a user-friendly interface which is simple for everyone to understand.


The system works in peer-to-peer mode and for this reason will not need a server. That’s why it’s also incredibly easy to use. Below is the attributes sheet which will give you a map of the attributes of the program:

  • Simple to use, no server.
  • Tonic automatically finds other Tonic customers within your community.
  • Availability status of various people.
  • avatar picture
  • File transfer help
  • chat recording
  • announcement mode
  • Quick poll + poll success.

Tonic is a total LAN messenger and comes with the latest features that you often need in your LAN desktop or office.

PS: Tonic is no longer actively growing and has been archived. Also be sure to read the note below.

So, all of these are in the list of top 3 LAN messengers for your Windows personal computer. If you want to suggest other completely free LAN messengers, you should do so in the comment section.

Your ideas and comments are generally welcome!

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