Tough little Coffee Lake SBC offers the choice between Ubuntu or CentOS

VersaLogic released a rugged, Linux-compatible “Eagle” SBC with a 9th Gen Xeon E-2276ML, up to 32GB DDR4 with ECC, 128GB NVMe welded, 2x GbE, 2x mini-DP ++, 4x USB, 2x COM and a SATA port.

Versalogic has released a compact industrial SBC that runs Ubuntu, CentOS, or Windows on a hexa-core, up to 2.4 GHz Xeon E-2276ML from Intel’s 9th Generation Coffee Lake Refresh. The “Eagle” follows other bird-themed SBCs from VersaLogic, including its Apollo Lake-based owl. Other compact SBC Coffee Lake Refreshes include the 3.5-inch MIO-5393 from Advantech and the CT-MCL01 from Premio, among others.

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The Eagle will soon launch on Digi-Key for an OEM price of $ 3,253 with 16GB of ECC-compatible DDR4 or $ 3,541 with 32GB of ECC RAM. Both prices include a 128 GB soldered NVMe drive.

The ready-to-deploy 96 x 90 x 37mm SBC can fit inside a 1U enclosure. This isn’t one of VersaLogic’s many PC / 104 cards, but it does offer PC / 104 mount points. Hardening features include -40 to 85 ° C operating range, locking connectors, and shock and vibration protection to MIL-STD-202H.

As with most VersaLogic cards, I / O is expressed primarily through terminal connectors. There are a few actual coastal ports, however, including 2x USB 3.1 and 2x mini-DP ++. Other highlights include SATA, 2x GbE, 4x USB 2.0, 2x COM, and 8-bit DIO. The card has a 10-15VDC input.

The specifications listed for the Eagle include:

  • Processor – Intel 9th ​​Generation Coffee Lake Refresh Xeon E-2276ML (6 cores up to 2.4 GHz); Intel UHD Graphics P630
  • Memory storage:
    • 16 GB or 32 GB DDR4 with ECC
    • 128 GB of soldered NVMe (larger capacity optional)
    • SATA III port (optional second SATA)
  • Networking – 2x GbE
  • Other I / O:
    • 2x mini-DP ++ ports with optional HDMI adapters
    • 2 USB 3.1 ports
    • 4x USB 2.0 connectors
    • 2x RS-232/422/485 connectors
    • 8x TTL DIO channels (3.3V)
    • I2C; 8254 timers / counters
  • Power supply – 10-15VDC (nominal 12V) input terminal socket; optional ATX 300 W power supply; optional battery module
  • Other features – TPM 2.0 locking connectors; 10-year product life; optional cables, system I / O pallet, conformal coating, overhaul locks, custom labeling, custom testing and screening
  • Operating temperature – -40 to 85 ° C
  • Reinforcement – Shock and vibration resistant to MIL-STD-202H
  • Dimensions – 96x90x37mm
  • Weight – 476 g
  • Operating System – Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS), Windows, Windows Server and other x86 operating systems

More information

The Eagle will soon be on sale at Digi-Key for $ 3,253 (16GB RAM) or $ 3,541 (32GB), both with 128GB of NVMe. More information can be found in VersaLogic announcement and product page.

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Steven L. Nielsen