Update Zoom for macOS to fix mic indicator bug

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Zoom has already fixed a widely reported bug in its macOS client where macOS Monterey continued to show the orange recording indicator even after a meeting ended, with users having to update the video conferencing app to get rid of the bug.

Reports circulated on Friday of a bug in Zoom on macOS Monterey, affecting its microphone access. A number of users have seen that the orange indicator in macOS is still visible after a call ends.

The dot is an indicator to users that the camera or microphone can still be live and recording, with an orange dot indicating if the microphone is in use. It is designed as a security and privacy feature, to prevent users from being secretly logged in.

It turns out the bug has been around for a while and was actually fixed by Zoom as part of the macOS version 5.9.3 client update at the end of January.

“The Zoom client for macOS 5.9.3, released on January 25, 2022, fixed a bug involving the inability to properly end microphone use after the meeting,” a Zoom spokesperson said. AppleInsider. “Zoom has determined that this bug does not cause audio data to be retransmitted to the Zoom platform. As always, we recommend that users ensure their Zoom client is updated to the latest version.”

The orange dot has previously been a problem for Mac users, with artists complaining in December that the dot was visible in the corner of the screen. This becomes a problem for live broadcasts, which might rely on a Mac displaying the video on large external monitors and projectors, as the dot would be seen by the audience.

This isn’t the only Zoom privacy issue that macOS users have faced, either. In March 2020, it was discovered that Zoom was working around Apple’s security features, which, along with other issues, prompted the company to suspend development of new features for 90 days to fix the issues.

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