VMware Fusion will now bring Windows 11 to Intel and Apple Silicon Macs

VMware’s VMware Fusion virtualization software has received a new update, which supports Windows 11 on Intel and even Apple Silicon Macs. The new update is available as a free tech preview and will help Mac users run Windows 11. Here are the details you need to know.

Windows 11 on Mac with VMware!

vmware said this Fusion’s ability to run Windows 11 on Mac has been in the works for a long time and includes several improvements and new features. It may also work with other virtual machines (VMs). For those who don’t know, a virtual machine is system software that can mimic another computer system on another, in this case, its Microsoft’s Windows 11 on Apple’s Mac devices.

vmware fusion widows 11 on mac

It comes with the Enhanced Virtual TPM (Trusted Platform Module) with fast encryption, automatic key generation and key storage via Keychain and can be used on any virtual machine, as it supports fast encryption. This will only encrypt important files similar to the real Windows 11 TPM to improve the performance of the virtual machine while maintaining the security of stored data.

VMware Fusion 12 update also includes features like 2D GFX and networking, VMtools installation for Windows 11 GOS on M1, improved Linux support on M1, graphics hardware acceleration 3D and OpenGL 4.3 under Linux, among others. In addition. VMware provides a single “.dmg” to install Fusion software on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. Vmware Fusion update can be downloaded through the Company Website.

As interesting and happy as the news is, it also raises some issues. VMware clarifies that this update is still a “work in progress” and, therefore, brings certain limitations. This does not support virtual machines with different architectures (x86_64 VMs on Mac M1), macOS and Ubuntu 20.04.4 and 22.04 VMs for arm64.

That said, the company aims to fix all these issues and add new features to Fusion. A the proper version should be released at the end of this year. So, what do you think of this new medium? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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Steven L. Nielsen