Warning Windows 10 as users are urged to DELETE those games that might infect your computer with Electron Bot virus

Windows 10 USERS have been warned to remove dangerous games that may infect computers with a virus.

Security experts claim that these apps were all available on the official Microsoft Store.


Experts have warned Windows users about dangerous appsCredit: Getty

Dangerous apps include unofficial versions of popular games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfer.

According to Check Point, once users install these rogue applications, they can infect PCs with Electron Bot malware.

This virus has ability to control social media accounts and set up ad clickers without user’s knowledge.

“Electron Bot is a modular SEO poisoning malware, which is used for social media promotion and click fraud,” the experts said. “It is mainly distributed through the Microsoft Store platform and removed from dozens of infected apps, mostly games, which are constantly downloaded by attackers.”

Experts say thousands of computers have been infected with the bug.

“With more than 5,000 machines already affected, the malware continuously executes attacker commands, such as controlling social media accounts on Facebook, Google and Sound Cloud,” Check Point said.

“The malware can register new accounts, log in, comment and ‘like’ other posts.”

Microsoft has been notified of the issue and some games appear to have been removed from the official store.

Users are advised to be vigilant even while downloading apps from official stores.

As a general rule, it is recommended to stay away from apps with few reviews, as well as avoid games that have titles similar to the official names.

One of the malicious apps was called Temple Endless Runner 2, for example.

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