Windows 11 is gaining some decent momentum in desktop market share

According to several reports, Windows 11 is not developing as fast as Windows 10. In fact, some reports even wrongly claimed that Windows 11 is less popular than Windows XP, which is absolutely false. In the desktop gaming market, Windows 11 is making steady progress, according to Steam.

Steam, which is one of the biggest gaming platforms for Windows, has released the Steam Hardware and Software Survey for May 2021. Steam data is a count of Steam users’ platforms and they show an increase in the use of Windows 11, Windows 10 and AMD processors, with Intel processors seeing another drop.

The May 2022 Steam Hardware Report claims that Windows 11 is now used in 19.59% of gaming rigs rated in the logs, representing an increase of almost 0.60% from the month’s figures previous. While Windows 11 is gaining a decent boost in market share, remember that Steam’s report only considers gaming machines.

Windows 11 market share

Windows 10 leads in market usage share with a market share of 73.89% (increased by 0.06% as more users upgraded from Windows 7 ). At the same time, the growth could be due to Steam Deck (portable gaming computer).

It’s also important to note that Windows 11 is completely optional and not forced. The slow adoption reported by some platforms should therefore come as no surprise. Likewise, Windows 11 is not officially supported on older hardware and many users avoid the operating system due to its limitations.

Windows 11’s market share is expected to increase in the coming months as Microsoft prepares version 22H2 for public rollout.

Intel fell slightly as AMD adds more users

Intel slipped again as AMD added more users in May, at least according to the latest Steam stats.

While the survey is good news for Microsoft, it could be somewhat disappointing for Intel on the processor front.

Intel market share

In May 2022 stats, Intel saw another drop in its CPU market share among Steam gamers. Intel remains in the lead with 67.19% market share (down 1.23%). In contrast, AMD added more machines and is at 32.80% (up 1.24%).

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