Windows 11 vs Windows 10: Could the new update make your SSD faster? More differences to expect

Last October, Windows 11, Microsoft’s newest operating system, began a gradual rollout to eligible devices.

After 2025, Microsoft says it will no longer support Windows 10. If users already have Windows 10, they can automatically upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

Since its release, Windows 11 has had an issue with solid-state drives that prevents them from performing to their full potential.

Some people’s problems were temporarily fixed by a December release of Windows, but the next preview update for Windows 11 might finally put an end to it.

Microsoft has finally fixed the speed regression issue that occurs when you enable the Update Sequence Number (USN) log, according to the preview release changelog, KB5008353.

This is usually where Windows saves changes to your disk drive’s file system. And, according to social media posts, was the source of slow SSD speeds from the start.

Faster SSD in Windows 11

Digital Trends reported that a Reddit user claimed that after installing the preview build, their SSD write rates increased by about three-quarters.

Another user reported having a similar experience, stating that File Explorer is now noticeably faster.

As noted, someone reported to Microsoft in the Feedback Hub that their PC with Windows 11 now boots faster than Windows 10, despite previously loading slower than Windows 10 before the upgrade.

Also, another customer said on Microsoft’s Feedback Hub that not only their NVME, but they also found their SATA SSD is now faster.

Previously, Windows 11 started much slower than Windows 10.

This hotfix also resolves a critical issue that caused color confusion on some HDR monitors.

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New Microsoft Windows 11 Update

TechRadar reported that this patch also fixes a critical issue that caused color confusion on some HDR monitors.

The patch addresses a reported issue that may prevent certain image-editing tools from correctly reproducing colors on some high-dynamic-range (HDR) monitors, according to Microsoft.

As a result, there will no longer be white appearing yellow or other visual anomalies in image editing programs, which can be very frustrating.

KB5008353 is currently being tested as a preview update, however, it will be released in full as a February cumulative update.

Features of Microsoft Windows 11

Here are three Windows 11 interface designs that differ from Windows 11 from Windows 10, as noted by CNET.

Windows 11 introduces a whole new Mac-like user interface. It has a minimalist style with rounded sides and pastel colors. With the taskbar, the Start menu is moved to the center of the screen. If users want, they can move them to the left, just like they are in Windows 10.

Virtual desktops will be set up in Windows 11 the same as on Macs. It allows you to switch between multiple computers at the same time for personal, work, educational or gaming purposes. It was more difficult to set up and use with Windows 10.

To better play on a user’s Windows PC, Windows 11 will include features similar to those found on Xbox consoles, such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage. Microsoft has taken another step towards merging PCs and Xbox consoles.

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