Windows 11 will now tell you if your computer is compatible with DirectStorage.

DirectStorage could change video games as we know them, with one-second load times and sprawling open worlds. Microsoft estimates that the technology will reduce CPU resource usage by 20-40%. Forspoken, which arrives in October, would be the first game to take advantage of this technology.

DirectStorage technology promises to improve game loading times and open new horizons. Microsoft has created a program for Windows 11 that determines if your system is compatible with this technology. Xbox Game Bar will support PC DirectStorage. It displays whether it supports DirectX 12 Ultimate API, HDR and Auto HDR in the options menu and is ready to use this technology.

With a new beta of the Microsoft Game Bar feature in Windows 11, you can now determine if your system is ready for DirectStorage (opens in a new tab). You can check if your system is ready for DirectX 12 Ultimate in the Gaming Features tab of the settings menu. You can also enable HDR and Auto HDR without visiting the various Windows settings pages, and now it’s showing how ready your system is for the upcoming DirectStorage feature.

This was possible in Windows 11, but the update makes it faster. When a requirement is not met, the system recommends alternatives to make DirectStorage compliant. Only Windows Insiders who have downloaded the Xbox Insider Hub from the Windows Store will see this option. DirectStorage can offer one-second video game load times. To work, DirectStorage requires an NVMe SSD. The new Microsoft app examines each storage partition separately to determine which are optimal and which are out of format.

The company predicts that this approach will reduce CPU usage by 20-40% and improve game performance. Forspoken will be the first game to use this technology with sub-second loading screens.

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