Windows 11’s Phone Link and Media Player apps get new features

Microsoft is testing a few new features for two Windows 11 apps – Phone Link and Windows Media Player. Phone Link (originally called Your Phone) gets a new search bar for the Messages tab, while Windows Media Player has been updated for everyone with better performance for devices that have large media collections.

For those who don’t know, Microsoft recently renamed the Your Phone app to “Phone Link” and added a new interface inspired by Windows 11. Microsoft has stopped adding new features to the Your Phone / Phone app Link a while back as he was busy working on the new interface. It looks like the company has started developing new features for the Phone Link app again.

Microsoft’s Phone Link app on Windows 11 and Windows 10 gets some useful new features, including a search bar. Similar to the search bar in apps like Mail UWP, Microsoft Phone Link now features an updated Messages interface with a search bar that lets you find messages.

Phone Link app

As you can see in the screenshot above, the search bar will appear just above the list of messages. You can only search messages that have been synced to Windows 11. In addition to a new search bar, you can also categorize messages into two sections: recently received and hidden.

Microsoft is also increasing the spacing between notification tiles in the app to reduce confusion and clutter. The new “clear all” option allows you to dismiss all notifications.

It’s nice to see new improvements in the Phone Link app and we expect more changes in the coming weeks.

Windows Media Player improves

Microsoft is also rolling out a new version 11.2205 of Windows Media Player for Windows 11 in the Dev Channel. This update promises faster performance for users with a huge media collection. Similarly, it is now possible to sort songs and albums in your collection by date added.

The Updated Albums page in Windows Media Player allows you to sort songs by the date they were added. Earlier this year, Microsoft added another nifty feature to Media Player – CD playback support.

Media Player for Windows 11

The company also made changes to the Media Player theme and improvements to the app’s overall ability to drag and drop content. These updates are available to everyone in the Windows Insiders Program and will begin rolling out to the general public.

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Steven L. Nielsen