Windows Clean Install – Windows does not detect the hard drive

Hi everyone,

I was having trouble logging into Windows and decided that it would be surprisingly easier to do a clean install of Windows.

Looks like the hard drive was locked with Bitlocker, so I figured that’s why Windows wouldn’t see the drive when I used a bootable USB stick to do the installation.

I created a bootable Gparted USB drive to reformat the hard drive. Gparted can see the hard drive without problem.

In Gparted I made sure the drive partition table is set to GPT and the entire drive has a partition formatted as ntfs. (I also tried leaving the entire drive unallocated to see if the Windows installer would detect the unallocated space and format it as ntfs. It doesn’t.)

Anyway, when I get to the hard drive screen in Windows setup, it only detects the USB drive I plugged in. It also seems that the Bios is not detecting my drive. (But Gparted sees it with no problem)

I’m sure I have a problem with the Gparted settings and how to format this drive. I thought setting the partition table to GPT and a giant partition in ntfs would do the trick … but apparently I’m wrong. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you so much! And here are some cell phone photos from Gparted, and the Windows install screen I’m hanging up on:



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Steven L. Nielsen

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