YugabyteDB 2.9 eliminates the need for external load balancers

Yugabyte announced the general availability of YugabyteDB 2.9. This latest release provides an intelligent JDBC client driver with an understanding of the distributed architecture of a YugabyteDB cluster.

The Yugabyte Smart Driver for SQL advances the state of SQL, allowing applications to achieve better performance and fault tolerance by connecting to any node in a distributed SQL DB cluster without the need an external load balancer. The client driver is available as open source software under the Apache 2.0 license.

Since YugabyteDB is compatible with PostgreSQL, applications can use many widely available PostgreSQL client drivers to connect to a YugabyteDB cluster. However, the new driver is optimized for use with a distributed SQL database.

The Yugabyte Smart Driver for SQL is both cluster and topology sensitive. The pilot keeps track of the cluster members and their locations. As nodes are added or removed from clusters, the driver updates its membership and topology information. The Yugabyte Smart Driver for SQL offers several advantages over a PostgreSQL driver:

Simplify operations by eliminating the load balancer: Because PostgreSQL JDBC drivers are designed for a single node database, they do not keep track of distributed DB cluster nodes or their locations. Customers rely on external load balancers to route requests to different nodes in a DB cluster, increasing operational overhead. Yugabyte’s new driver eliminates the need for an external load balancer.

Improve performance by connecting to nearby nodes: Client applications can identify and connect to the closest DB cluster nodes to achieve lower latency.

Improve uptime with better outage management: If a database node becomes unreachable due to a network problem or server failure, clients can connect to another node in the cluster. Client-side retry logic can make failures transparent to the end user.

“Cloud-native transactional applications need databases that offer high availability and scalability without sacrificing relational database functionality,” said Karthik Ranganathan, co-founder and CTO of Yugabyte. “In-house solutions meet this need by replicating data to the nodes and deploying one or more load balancers to connect to the nodes. This approach results in complex and fragile applications that are difficult to run in production. Yugabyte is on a mission to simplify this. We’re proud to push the boundaries of relational databases for a cloud-native world with innovations like our Distributed SQL Database and the Yugabyte Smart Driver for SQL.

In addition to the new driver, YugabyteDB offers a number of creative capabilities that push the boundaries of SQL for a distributed database. These include:

  • Very effective distributed transactional backups that operate on large data sizes without affecting the top-tier performance seen by application clients.
  • Recovery at a specific time which allows users to roll back unintentional changes and restore YugabyteDB databases to an earlier time with minimal cluster impact.
  • Transaction save points that simplify the rollback of transactions to an earlier time to restore consistency.
  • Reduce network bandwidth usage with RPC compression to dramatically reduce the costs associated with inter-AZ or inter-regional network traffic with minimal CPU overhead.
  • Dynamic cluster scaling with tablet splitting and automatic re-sharing of data online and transparently for users.

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